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Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Hormone Balance Essential Oil Roll Ons

Hormone Balance Essential Oil Roll Ons


Hormone Balance 

  • Aroma: floral, herbaceous, fresh

  • Benefits: Gently brings your hormones into balance. This blend costs less than synthetic medicines and is not harmful to your liver. It will regulate your cycle and bring relief to symptoms caused by PMS and Menopause. To apply, rub a drop onto your abdomen to relieve cramping and treat menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) , relief to other symptoms such as hot flashes.

  • Usage: apply to ankles, wrists and abdomen

  • Ingredients: geranium essential oil, clary sage  essential oil, thyme essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, jojoba oil

  • For best results, roll on the body’s pulse points for ovaries and uterus, which include the sides of the wrists, ankles and abdomen.

    All of our oils are therapeutic grade,and are cold-pressed or steam distilled and ready to use. Our blends have the maximum recommended concentration of 10% essential oils, and whether you are an avid oil user or just starting out, they are a high quality, convenient option.

    Made in Brooklyn

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