Nicole Rose Studio
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About Nicole Rose Studio®

committed to our core ideals

Nicole Rose Studio Inc. ® is a Brooklyn based business offering organic fair trade textiles and aromatherapy for home and beyond. All goods are minimally processed, handcrafted and delivered ethically from farm to your front door.


We believe we can use the power of nature to create positive change.


Our hands on approach working directly with distillers, artisans and buyers alike has allowed us to gain strong partnerships. streamlining ancient traditions with the contemporary markets the a goal is to shift the tides on the way we create and consume everyday products.


Nicole Rose Studio Inc. ® has added a new layer to the business providing tools and curriculum to women inside refugee camps. We have partnered with organizations on the ground to implement handicraft skills, empathy and education into a fully operating enterprise.


Inspiration comes of working everyday
— charles baudelaire