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Lavender & White Sage Hand Rolled Incense

Lavender & White Sage Hand Rolled Incense


Odor: Floral, pungent, and camphorous
Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
Dry-out: Sharp, dry

Aromatic and cleansing, induces calm, increases clarity and awarenessrelieves insomnia, improves memory, quickens senses, reduces feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression, anti-inflammatory decongestant, repellent for mosquitoes and flies 

The word lavender stems from the Latin word Lavere, meaning ‘to wash.’

the Romans added it to bath water. The word sage stems from the Latin word salvia, which translates to “healthy” or “to heal.”Smoke is a powerful antiseptic that can purify the air of 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours.

Hand Rolled Resin Incense.

100% Natural Essential Oils

Made in USA

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