Nicole Rose Studio


meet the artisans


NRS x The Yaday Collective proudly features Smile & Olive Women’s Workshop - a grassroots empowerment hub for Syrian artisans based in Beirut, Lebanon. Through this collaboration, we aim to present how with access to opportunities, refugees can emerge from exile into community, from powerless to powerful, from scarcity to dignity.

thai plant dyers

Celebrating ancient traditions passed down from mother to daughter, this women's cooperative deep in the mountains of Thailand are part-time plant based dyers and part-time farmers. They celebrate the land and all its offerings. We choose plant based dyes not only for the beautiful colors they produce, but to preserve the waterways & land.

refugees of myanmar

In partnership with WEAVE - a passionate non-profit based in Mae Hong Son, Thailand provides education, art therapy, organic farming & artisan workshops to provide opportunities to women inside the camps help build skill sets in handicrafts to self sustain and generate income, they otherwise would not be able to make.

weavers of chatai

The weavers handcraft each item using fallen bamboo leaves, hand dyeing and creating intricate patterns with a beautiful, durable and useful range of products.                                                               

artisans of dehli 

This women's cooperative focuses on providing education and opportunities to women in the community where they are empowered earning dignified and living wages - many for the first time ever. 

LOOMS of kathmandu

Based in the capital of Nepal, our partners in Kathmandu practice the ancient tradition of handloom creating our gorgeous throw blankets under a completely sustainable facility.